• NZ power adaptors/chargers etc. work in China. Take a 4-way powerboard with you to make sure all your devices get charged overnight!

• China has a firewall preventing access to Facebook, Twitter etc. Gmail also didn't work (and therefore Pokemon Go). To access these things (and perhaps to be able to do work whilst you're there, set up a VPN solution before you go.

• If you're female and blonde, don't be surprised if a local Chinese man asks to have a photo with you

• If you're male and have a bit of a tummy, don't be surprised if a local rubs your belly for luck

• Do not drink tap water. You will get sick

• Make sure you take Panadol, Imodium and Telfast with you. Also pack rolls of toilet paper as this is not usually available in public toilets


• Sanlitun, Beijing is the home of Bar Street - an area which is popular with tourists and expats. Worth a visit.